• Credit: Cranesville Concrete Block Inc. Co.
Credit: Cranesville Concrete Block Inc. Co.
Three childhood friends and WWII veterans, Ray Francisco, Richard Furman, and John Tesiero Jr., took the first steps of opening the doors to Cranesville Block Co. Inc. in 1947. Today, family-owned and operated by the Tesiero family, Cranesville continues to offer a quality, sustainable product.
Cranesville operates 25 ready-mixed concrete plants, 10 aggregate locations, and eight concrete block and precast storefronts in Upstate New York. At each operation, the producer prides itself in delivering quality products, service, and up-to-date technology. “We are a hands-on operation that provides our customers with more than 65 years of industry experience,” says president John A. Tesiero III.
Staying ahead of the curve involves a commitment to staying informed and ready to adapt to advances in the industry. An active member of ACI and ASTM, Cranesville connects with peers to discuss new ideas in both the application stage and the creation of testing standards. “We provide lunch and learn presentations to market the new technologies which provide our customers with knowledge and support necessary to maintain buying confidence,” says Tesiero.
Keeping up with technology has allowed the producer to significantly improve production. Its central dispatch uses GPS navigation, IP surveillance camera systems, and IP voice recording software to assure quality. The human resources department collects information from the License Event Notification Service to regulate driver qualifications. And Internet-based time clocks help mitigate overtime. “Technology has allowed Cranesville to become a transparent, faster moving operation,” says Tesiero.
In the busy season, Cranesville and its subsidiaries employ about 450 people. Continued emphasis on safety and production is at the forefront of Cranesville’s growth, and pursuing technological advancements to help better service its customers is vital. But there is more to this producer than just business.
Cranesville participates in the local communities it serves, supporting homeless shelters, libraries, DARE funding, cancer and Alzheimer’s associations, youth athletic organizations, hospitals, and schools. “We are always looking for development in other segments of the concrete industry and remain open to rewarding opportunities,” says Tesiero.